Kult Philosophy

by Acoustic Kult

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All the songs on 'Kult Philosophy' are inspired by various fictional events and charachters found in Alan Moore's 12 issue comic book limited series, 'Watchmen', which was printed in 1986-87.

Some songs have been written as tributes to various characters from the story, while others have been inspired by different situations and events, as described in the story.


released August 17, 2012

All instruments, vocals, recording, mixing and mastering - AKSHAY KAUSHIK

Lyrics and Artwork - AKSHAY KAUSHIK



all rights reserved


Acoustic Kult Chicago, Illinois

Solo Recording Project/Singer Songwriter. ACOUSTIC KULT’s sound is a blend of old school Classic and Psychedelic/Progressive Rock mixed with contemporary Grunge and Art Rock influences.

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Track Name: Martyr
Are you scared, are you scared of me, you should be
I see you now, don't you try to hide, black and white
Save yourself, run as far away, far from me
Because I am not, not the one who hides in plain sight

Save her life
I won't give in
Save them all
We can't give in

All your lies, they serve to punish me for your deeds
Disconnect and leave you to your fate, it's too late
Thanks to you, now I can seek it out, all their greed
But how can I hope to save them from their mistakes
Only one, there is just one path to true defeat
Leave them be, let them overrun, end of days

In the end, you'd leave it all to fate but you forget
Saving face won't lead you to your own salvation
So break me down, I am not afraid to let go
Hide your lies, but know that I will never compromise
Track Name: Exile
I am standing still...

Nothing at all is permanent
Everything returns back to dust
Limitless space reaches beyond
These borders you make and learn to trust

How come you're still so,
Still so lost and,
Still so

No easy answers
No easy way out

Still so,
Still so blind and,
Still so

I am standing still.
Track Name: Again
No, I don’t have all the answers that I need,
So I’m more lost than I have ever been.
What do I do to make you see what needs to be done…

And I will say what you want me to say again,
And I will do what you wanted to do again,
And what we have is ours to keep until the end,
So I will say what you want me to say again…

Looking back, I still cannot understand.
I thought you were sacred and indelible.
So who are you now? Do I even dare to ask?
And I would ask, again and again, if I knew…
Track Name: Prophet
Sure seems like a long way down
The joke's on us all, it's true
Try to see it all my way
And laugh it all off, what else can you do

My conscience is clean
My conscience is clean

Stop pretending that,
What's deep inside is not
What you want...

Try to see it all my way
And laugh it all off, what else can you do?
Track Name: King Of Kings
Don't make the same mistake
Your every action will
Lead you back to the edge
Don't make the same mistake

Your gods are simply men with
Delusions of their own
What makes you think you can
Solve it all by yourself

Know that nothing was
As easy as it may have looked
He said, nothing ever ends
So someday, maybe soon,

You will choose my fate...

Inside my head, inside my head

(I can see all of their faces)